other heirloom southern plants.

I admit, I’m a sucker for an antique garden. My eyes glaze over when I walk into a well-loved garden. I hope and pray the gardener will say: “You like that plant? Let me give you some of it…” I’ll take pruned plants, thrown-away plants, cheap plants, free plants. You don’t want it, I’ll take it…usually. Here are some photos of some plants we were given this winter.

Dr. Hobbs was a well-loved educator in our part of the country. After his death, his widow could no longer care for his extensive greenhouses and nursery inventory. We were blessed with a 7X10 greenhouse and many, many lovely plants. Here are some photos:

Chinquapin or Chestnut Rose in full bloom…this rose was discovered in China in 1824 and brought to the United States. It does very well here in the south.

Chestnut Rose Bud…covered in thorns. The rosehips will be orange and covered with thorns in this same way.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea in bloom. I’ve wanted one of these for a while. Now, I have three. They are still young, ranging in size from about 5ft to 3ft.