I made these little items for a swap in which I participated this spring. Since I never finished my other made-from-scratch project, I thought I would highlight these two projects here. They are both mfs, for the first time!

The first item is a scented trivet, that I have been wanting to make. It measures about 6X6, with quilt batting inside. I sprinkled ginger chips, cinnamon chips and cloves inside the trivet. The hope is that a piping hot teakettle placed atop this trivet will release the spicy scents.

The second item is a simple little seed bag. My homemade paper seedbags proved to be quite difficult to fasten without using any type of metal or potentially toxic glue. So, I took some lovely green silk fabric I had on hand and made very tight (12 stitches to the inch) seams along the side and bottom. The top of the fabric was already finished, so I merely machine-sewed the two seams. I topped it off with some vintage embroidery thread and filled the seedbag with my own special Gnomekin seed mix. I rather like it.

And there you have the made-from-scratch entries for May 1st! Any questions? Did I leave out any important steps? Let me know.

edit: that sweet little heart attached to the trivet is a cinnamon dough ornament. I made them this year for Christmas and I adore them! You can even nibble on them if you’re feeling adventurous…