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rex begonia

eyelash begonia flower

eyelash begonia leaves

I made a reply to Greg earlier today about angelwing begonias. In my reply, I said that I would have to post photos of my growing begonia collection. While I was taking photos of the flowers, the Blue Angels were practicing maneuvers overhead. How cool is that? It brought back memories, though, of when I first moved to Pensacola.

I was walking my dog Samuel when we heard a terrifying noise, loud and nearby. We couldn’t run away because we didn’t know where it was coming from. So there we were, a dog and a girl, trying to find cover from what we didn’t know. I have an image in my head of me looking like a squirrel darting from one side of the street to the other.

As you may have guessed, what we heard was a practicing Blue Angel coming in for a landing. Yes, we live mighty close to NAS. Anyway, today we heard the same noise. Honestly, the roar of those jets is so loud, it kind of knocks off one’s equilibrium. I’ll include two pictures I was able to take of the Angels as well…

What??? Can’t see them? You’re obviously not looking hard enough!

iron cross begonia and strawberry begonia

strawberry begonia

iron cross begonia and flower