I have been wanting to post some fun pictures of some of my thrifty finds here lately. Something or other keeps stopping me. Yesterday, the whole computer conspired against me. James’ poor iPod is still non-functional. I’m just hoping I’m not the one who harmed it. We do use a Mac. I almost think it’s a lemon or we abuse it, ’cause it gives us more trouble than we like. Granted, it’s still not a lot of trouble. Just some.

Whoa, back to photos of thrifting. I can’t even keep track of what day it is, so of course my posts are going to wander as well. I have some great pictures here and they will definitely be entered into the carnival of thrift for next week.

check them out!

1930s Sterno Vaporizer, complete with cookstove–$5

Holiday Designs Canister Set: 1960s–$10 for all four!

Now that’s a cute chicken. I don’t think it does anything, though!–$.50
unmarked salt and pepper shakers: Pyrex Style–$.99 for set

I love my new hat! It came with the original receipt! $11.33! Unfortunately, the year was not included on receipt. The top is velvet and the brim is composed of real feathers. Super cool!–$5