Well, it has been two weeks since our last edition and we have some fun plants to see this week. I am always on the lookout for folks who are posting about their little plants, so don’t be surprised to find your post here…even if you didn’t enter!!

First, we have Alexandra, who presents Mystery Plant Identified! posted at Happy Hearts At Home.

Then, we have Michelle. Michelle presents Paphiopedilum posted at scribbit. In case you haven’t seen some of her plants, she has one to strike fear into the hearts of most mortals!

Now, for everyone who doesn’t know that Stephanie is a wild foods forager, this entry may strike you as a little odd. I’ve tried it though. And, it’s good! Stephanie presents Pokeweed posted at Stop the Ride!.

My entry for this carnival was late, as usual, but as the host I have special privileges. Antique Roses are some of my favorite plants around. For years, I wouldn’t even attempt to try my hand at roses. Now, I have a miniature, a Queen Elizabeth, an unnamed, several New Dawns, a Don Juan, a large rose I was told is a Seven Sisters (but I have my doubts) and these lovely Chestnut Roses.

Random entries of my own choosing
Linda always post such beautiful pictures. I wanted to give everyone a chance to see her Lovely Hollyhocks from this past April.

Isabella is a kindred spirit on Flickr. Check out some of her lovely photos of her farm out in Oregon.

I love Greg’s post about this lovely magnolia in his backyard. Check it out!

Finally, check out Katie’s beautiful photography and plants in her post of African Violets

That concludes this edition of the plant carnival. Please join us next week when we do it all again!