I just spoke with Micah last night. Marshall is still doing well. Plans are to remove her from the ventilator beginning on Tuesday. She would have been weaned on Friday except for an unexpected event.

The latest development was this last weekend. For months, the doctors have been telling the family her heart is severely enlarged and only one side is formed properly. On Friday, Micah was called (she’s staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Dallas) and told that Marshall was being rushed in for a CT scan. One of the doctors saw an abnormality that was thought to be a collapsed lung or further enlargement of her heart. After a full day of tests and study, the verdict came back.

Her liver has ridden higher in her chest cavity because of either a weak diaphragm muscle or a hole in the diaphragm. All this time, the x-rays were showing the shadow of her liver on her heart. Her heart is a completely normal size–and both sides are developed! We consider this a true miracle. Can you imagine…looking at these x-rays for this long and everyone saw it wrong?? It’s such an amazing thing! The doctors aren’t quite sure what to do. They say she’s “breaking all the rules…”

No surgery is required at the moment to correct this. There is a possibility that pushing the liver back down into place would ease her breathing, but the surgery is a major one. Micah is doing well and her faith was given a huge boost by this last news (mine too!) Since I am such a big fan of the liver (seriously), I asked about the health of Marshall’s liver. Micah assured me that it is fine. As well, if anyone has noticed that Marshall’s color is a bit off in the photos, that’s because her blood oxygen levels are so low.

Her arteries are offering a high resistance to blood flow through them. I promise you, at this point, that is good news! The doctors forecasted that by this time in her life, Marshall’s heart would have flooded her lungs with blood. Because of the increased resistance, the lungs are still able to function adequately.

All things work together… has never hit home so closely before!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers. My family and I really appreciate them. All of your wonderful emails are a huge blessing.

Here is the address for the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas. My mom and Micah and Laurel are staying there.

Micah Vittetoe
c/o Ronald McDonald House
5641 Medical Center Dr
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 631-7354