As you all may or may not know, my family has been tremendously blessed by all the love, prayers and support sent our way. Since my first week-long stay at the Ronald McDonald House, I have been wanting to give back: time, effort, talents.

Tonight, I was reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazines when I came across a blurb for a website that was new to me. This site is volunteer match and it is so easy to use! Simply type in your zip code and what kinds of volunteer opportunities you are looking for. Once you register as a volunteer, there is even a form that lets you easily upload your volunteer work resume. The site then submits your resume to the volunteer organizations to which you apply. How easy and convenient is that?

Volunteer Match immediately found 30 volunteer matches within 20 miles of my home. Wonderful! What’s even better? The Ronald McDonald House here is in need of gardening/yard work. Of course, I emailed right away to express our exuberance for the project. Most of these opportunities are for one or two hours a week. Now, I realize those of you with families are super busy…but didn’t I hear tell of the “cure for boredom” challenge week? Go for it! Type your zip code in there and see just how you can be used. I challenge you to help make a difference. If you already volunteer in your community, I would love to hear about it. Comment back on this post and tell us some of your experiences.