to make two quilts for two little princess nieces? Well, by my calculations, the one I am making for Marshall should take about 300 yo-yos and Laurel’s yo-yo quilt will probably set me back about 600. My goal is to make 10 yo-yos each day. Right now, I am only 3 days behind. In my defense, I have finished some pretty cool projects recently. We rearranged the entire front portion of our house. I straightened the library, did some sewing, worked on a super-hero costume…

Only thirty yo-yos behind…in the first week of construction.

The reason for the sudden yo-yo craze stems from my sighting of a yo-yo quilt at the Salvation Army thrift store last week. Here’s a picture of one in case anyone is unfamiliar with the concept

Pretty cute, hunh? It requires no backing or quilting. For Marshall, however, I plan to back the yo-yos with a lovely soft fleece square that I have on hand. Anyway, about the yo-yo quilt at the Sally…I looked it over carefully and decided that I couldn’t justify $25 for it. It was falling apart in several places and just wasn’t worth the expense. Now, I will spend my time making one!

That’s why I’m submitting the yo-yo quilt as my project for this week’s MIFS carnival (hosted by Joanna). The carnival will be posted on Tuesday. Check it out then! Even though it is not yet complete, I have some lovely photos of exactly how you too can get started on your own simple yo-yo quilt!
Start with fabric circles the size of a standard CD for 2-inch yo-yos…
these circles are the reincarnation of the blocks I initially made for windmill quilts for the girls
more circles
two practice yo-yos