How many times have you stood back from a particularly grueling gardening project, sighed with relief and then thought ruefully that no one would ever believe what that plot of ground looked like before you cultivated it? James and I have learned to take before, mid-project and after pictures. We forget too easily. It’s so easy to take for granted our fertile and abundant flower beds. I have to go back to those photos of when we just moved into the house. Then, I’m impressed!

Way back in January, La Tea Dah over at Gracious Hospitality posted this article about her grandmother’s gardening scrapbook. You all, it is beautiful. If you missed that post, please be sure to click on the link. The pictures, clippings and tidbits about the garden are treasures.

Garden scrapbooks are an excellent way to remember and share your gardening experiences. With our digital camera and printer, I have been able to print out photos for my own scrapbook. It’s such a fun project and I will look forward to showing it when it’s finished. However, none of it would be possible without the photos I have taken throughout the season.

Get snapping!