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I must confess, yesterday I decided to embark upon two new projects. Friends and casual readers: they failed pretty miserably. Both of them. Perhaps Tuesdays should be “come clean days.” Lest you think too overly well of me, I will share my failures along with my successes. A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from others’ mistakes. Get ready to do some larnin’!

My first failed project that I will share takes us back to the ’80s. I decided nothing would suit me so well as a pair of leggings and a t-shirt dress. So, while shopping at the thrift store yesterday, I found some cute t-shirt material and a huge men’s t-shirt. I cut about one inch off both sides of the shirt (using a cute shirt of my own as a pattern) and then sewed a side seam. For extra girly-effects, I cut out the neck to give it a dancer neckline. The leggings? Well, I used a pair of tight shorts as a template, lengthened them and adjusted all lines. Let me just say…at least I know how not to make leggings. And, they can’t be the same in the front and back…and cut out the waist to be higher than you think it should be! Is that all? I think so. Without further ado, photos of the first failure:

Now the second experiment is based on a bit of logic and empirical evidence. With temps in the high 90s around here, I began to wonder if I could do some baking outside. Are you giggling? I hope you’re not giggling. I am dead serious.

I made crackers. Erm, I mean: noodles. They would have been crackers if I hadn’t decided to send them through the pasta maker 10 times! I think it’s a good recipe. If anyone wants my cracker recipe, here it is:
1T cornmeal
1T wheat germ
1T wheat bran
1T sesame seeds
1t caraway seeds
1/2 t cracked pepper
1/4 t sea salt
2-4 T olive oil
1 cup flour

mix until you have a very firm dough (should look just like pasta dough!)

our dogs think these are great!!