For my sixteenth birthday party, my mom and my best friend’s mom planned a wonderful “bop” for me and my friends. I was at the height of my fascination with all things 60s-ish and we all had a blast. I remember popping balloons with dollar bills tucked inside, an obstacle course that involved blind folds and raw eggs (ewww!), fun music and great food! What made the food so great that I remember it all these years later? Well, it was a game. Each girl was given a menu with food, drink and utensils written in code. The dining experience revolved around each girl’s ability to decode the menu successfully. I remember my entire first course consisted of salad dressing and a fork. That was it. For your enjoyment, here are a few of those items I could dredge up from the dim recesses of my memory:

1. Marie Antoinette’s clothes
2. letter of the alphabet
3. crispy foghorn leghorn

Can you guess what those items are?

I started this post thinking I would do a little Thursday Thirteen of the items but I can’t remember that many. Instead, I’m going to do a little recap of some of those people in my life when I was sixteen and what they’re doing now…

1. Robin S.–married a cattle rancher and living in Montana, I believe
2. Amber S.–found her on myspace a while back but haven’t heard from since. I don’t know what she’s doing!
3. Joanna M.–no clue as to her whereabouts
4. Daphne C.–living in Dallas working as a fancy-shmancy computer programmer(?)
5. Tabitha B.–driving a diesel and going to school
6. Micah B.–married with two of the sweetest princesses ever!
7. Laura R.–I think she’s married??
8. Elizabeth G.–hmm, no idea…
9. Scott W.–last I heard, he joined the CIA or FBI or something.
10. Matt K.–not doing so well at last check, teaching high school Latin somewhere in Texas
11. Chad M.–I hear he went to NYC, met a girl while standing in line to see a show. they hit it off and got married!
12. Toby Joe C.–he hated that I knew his middle name. I named a bird after him. one of the best tuba players I ever knew. I heard he was in Nashville singing country music…
13.Susie E.–my physics and chemistry teacher. she has since retired and is travelling the world!

the items…in order, drumroll please…

french dressing
fried chicken