After yesterday’s post concerning watering of the garden, I proceeded not to water our garden. Ever so often, I would scan the sky, hoping for the rain that I saw written there. In order to encourage the rain, I washed several loads of clothes and hung them to dry on the outdoor lines. Still nothing.

Around 11:45 a.m., the rain began. Soon, it was falling in earnest. Gleefully, I dashed to the backyard to retrieve my damp towels and clothing. I am sure I did some kind of little raindance. I must tell you all, the rain continued until close to 7 p.m. last night. It was wonderful. Nothing died in the garden from lack of water. All the little plants were smiling brightly at me this morning. Lovely. All of that excellent rain made me think of another gardening tip. We’ll call this tip 2A

Gardening Tip 2A: Weed after watering

After a soaking rainfall or heavy watering session, get out your gloves! Now is the best time for weeding. Those ornery weeds that refuse to leave the ground when it is dry, slide right out of the moist soil. Of course, one must be even more careful not to injure nearby plants because their roots will slide right out as well!