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Every Wednesday night, a group of us gets together and has dinner and a Nooma. Don’t know what a nooma is? Check out Rob Bell’s website. He’s part of the Emerging Church Movement. Not sure what that movement is? Just check out the link. It can tell you way more than I can.

Anyway, last Wednesday’s dinner theme was Asian Cuisine. We had pad thai, cold peanut butter sauce noodles, miso soup, green tea, some type of excellent slow cooked BBQ chicken, salad and coconut macaroons. MMM…the food was lovely. My contribution was Chinese Sesame Kale, tea eggs and cheese puffs. The tea eggs were kind of pretty but not much else. The cheese puffs were a big hit but I wasn’t too impressed with them. James’ and my favorite was the sesame kale. Here are some photos from the cooking.

Cheese Puffs: these are basically crab rangoon without crabmeat. Cream cheese, garlic, salt and pepper. I made the wonton skins myself! Flour, salt and egg. Super easy!

Chinese Sesame Kale: sesame oil, soy sauce, kale, ginger and toasted sesame seeds. The kale is from our garden. What a huge plus!

Tea Eggs: hmmm…first you boil the eggs, then you take them out of the water, crack the shells, and put them back in a “tea” made with one tea bag, cinnamon, soy sauce and salt. Theoretically, the lines in the eggs should have been more prominent. Also, they were supposed to soak overnight. Perhaps that was the problem?

This week, we’re doing tapas. I’m thinking of making gazpacho. Does anyone have any good tapas recipes they’d like to share???