Can you believe the infestation??
When thinking of the title for this post, I was reminded of the phrase, “kill ’em all and let the Lord sort ’em out.” It’s a very cowboy-esque kind of ideology, usually without any really good results. In the garden, you especially don’t want to kill them all…all the bugs, that is.

Just this weekend, I was giving my garden a thorough going over when I noticed a ginormous colony of aphids on my backyard fennel. I was horrified! I was aghast? Did I go for a bottle of “kill ’em quick”? More effective, did I grab my blowtorch? You bet your bottom dollar, I didn’t. I immediately began to hunt for my red and black spotted friends. I didn’t have to look too long before spotting one, either. Even better, I noticed a momma ladybug repopulating the fennel. How exciting is that? I have found ladybug larvae, but never seen the eggs! Sadly enough, I remember the day that I squashed a ladybug larva. These days, I am very slow with the squishing. I have to see proof that harm is being done…and then some.

Closer inspection yielded another ladybug (hence the repopulation) and a mighty colony of ladybug larvae. So, be on the lookout for these helpful beetles! When you find those pesky aphids, don’t go searching for those high-powered insecticides, give the ladies a chance to do their job.
daddy ladybug
don’t kill those just yet! the furry white ones are good ladybug babies!
what a nice lady…