This song was sung at our wedding. Just imagine, my husband and I were married two months after Hurricane Ivan’s winds ravaged the Gulf Coast. We planned an outdoor wedding in November ’cause I’m just that kind of girl. At the time, I lived two houses away from the water and our dear friend lived right on the water. We decided to be married in her front yard. J—-‘s home had been almost obliterated by the hurricane…we shoveled leaves and dirt out of the front room to help her recover. It was quite a surreal experience. After two months of intense clean up all over Pensacola, our dream outdoor wedding was planned. We would be married beneath the oak trees in front of J’s house, surrounded by the water and children and friends…with electricity for guitar amps piped from the next house over. (J’s house was still without electricity).

Anyway, I’m sure you have guessed by now that something went wrong. Yes, the rains came down on our sunset, waterside wedding. The mad dash to save candles, speakers and guests began while I was having my hair arranged in my little pink house two doors down. Can you imagine? After all this preparation and no back-up plan, I had no idea what the wedding would look like. I calmly walked down the road under a beautiful black umbrella (in my sandals and white cotton dress!), into the house where all the decorations had been rushed.

Let me elaborate more here. J’s house had no electricity and the main window was boarded, so no light was streaming through the windows. What did our resourceful friends do? They arranged themselves however they could and held candles to light the room. When I entered, it was to look into the faces of our dear friends and family standing five feet or less away from me. My beloved was soaked with rain, Pastor Bobby’s notes were blurry but the smiles and love were evident everywhere.

Our good friend G—- sang his version of this song. On the chorus, the guests all joined in. It was one of the most beautiful experiences ever. Folks still say our wedding was the most romantic one they have ever attended. I think so too.