My Che Guava face…
And here I am, finally, corralling my thoughts in an effort to communicate what I have been feeling lately. By the way, have you all noticed the number of bloggers who have been radically shifting or closing their blogs? I just find it interesting that at the same time I have hit a disinterested spell in blogging, so have many other fine folks…

What I want to write about today has to do with the wonderful Frugal Subversive badge to the right of this post. Nice, isn’t it? Stephanie awarded me with it and was I ever excited!! Days before she presented me with this award, my husband left his copy of Our Daily Bread lying on the computer desk where I would be sure to see it. I think it quite a propos to share here…

As people in affluent societies stock up on Blackberrys and flat-panel TVs, it’s hard to deny the increasing wealth in many parts of the world. You might call it “affluenza.” There is anxiety, however, amid so much prosperity. It is the economic “puzzle of our time,” said Robert J. Samuelson in The Washington Post. I wonder if this is true because we are attempting to find security in “more stuff”–stuff that is temporary and fleeting.
…The “good life” cannot be found in things. Instead of seeking our security by acquiring “more stuff,” may we find true satisfaction by investing our resources and our lives in and for His kingdom.”
Poverty of purpose is worse than poverty of purse.
–Marvin Williams as seen in Our Daily Bread July 12, 2007
Rhonda Jean over at Down-To-Earth started this meme and here is what she has to say about her Frugal Subversive movement:

Reducing our consumption of products and returning to local, homemade and reused things is something that will benefit all of us and our planet. Endeavouring to be more frugal is one of the most important steps we can all make to help redress our environmental problems. It is a small but important step towards sustainability.

And who am I tagging?
Shereen over at “Waiting For Him” because she is doing a marvelous job of living well below her means: reducing, reusing and recycling. Very inspirational lady there…

Linda, over at Reminisce… always inspires me with her deal finding, reusing and plain pleasure in simple things.

Finally, my friend in real life, Amanda is as subversive as they get. She and her husband inspire me and James continually.

You go girls!!