Laurie over at Old School Acres left this in my comment section back in May. Now seems to be a good time to revisit it

From A Quiet Place in a Crazy World by Joni Eareskson Tada:

“There is never a place where He is not. He waits in every room we’re about to enter. He stands quietly in the back of every elevator – up or down – before we step through the doors. He lingers around every bend of every path we will ever walk. He’s in the dark kitchen when we get up at night for a glass of milk. He’s in the recovery room when we come out from under anesthetic. On a long dirt road, He’s under the tree in the field where we pause to rest. There is no place too remote, no night too black, no cave too deep, no mountain peak too high for the immediate, awesome, pervasive, loving presence of the Lord.”

Marshall passed away this morning at about 8 o’clock CST. All your prayers are highly desired. Thank you so much for standing with my family as we face this hard, hard time.