…of my mind that is. I find it un-amusing that I had to leave Pensacola to go through my first hurricane in two years. That’s right folks. Central Louisiana is in the direct path of Hurricane Humberto. H— came ashore at High Island, Texas as a category one and is in the process of drenching us here in the central parishes. I was supposed to drive to Texas to see Micah today (Laurel’s first dance class is this afternoon and I really wanted to see that sweet princess in here leotard and tutu!!), after several hours of continuous rain, I felt like my spirit had been rained out. Add to that I am missing James and we had a very grumpy Becca on our hands…leading to multiple apologies. This house isn’t big enough for grudges! I came inside and made the best comfort foods I could imagine: homemade mac and cheese and butter pecan coffee with rum-flavored cream. Lovely!

So, if all goes well I will be headed to east Texas tomorrow. I’ll get to see their little apartment and the new house Micah and Drew just bought. I have heard that it is adorable–complete with fruit trees and bay windows! I’m happy for them but I know house buying, closing and moving in itself is stressful.

Micah is doing well. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. We have had some fairly rough patches in this last week and a half but God is able to bring us through and I know that no one loves me more than Jesus does!! When I get home to BrightHaven, I have some photos I will post. I don’t dare risk loading high resolution photos on a dial-up connection!!