When was the last time you saw a firefly? For those of you who live in the country, you may say you saw one tonight. I always forget about fireflies until I visit my family in the summertime. There are still for real fireflies flitting about in the back country of Louisiana. And, I caught one of them! Of course, it was a catch and release kind of situation, but I was thrilled nonetheless. The firefly stayed on my finger long enough to blink at me and then she was gone again. What a nice experience!

A few nights later, I had an altogether different insect experience. I was standing in the front yard of my sister T’s little house when a bug flew directly into my mouth. Why was my mouth even open? I wasn’t talking to anyone. I wasn’t eating or singing. For some reason, my mouth was open and the unknown flying insect took the opportunity to fly inside. I coughed the rest of the night and the next morning. I seriously thought the bug was trying to crawl out of my mouth. I believed I could feel its little legs scratching on my throat. It wasn’t a nice experience. You know what makes it even better? The lovebugs are in full force around these parts. That means I got two for the excitement of one. Why swallow only one flying critter when two will do just as well?