I have begun reading John Ortberg’s book: God is Closer than You Think. I came across this list in the first chapter (this is a partial list, I will be adding more daily). The author suggests reading over these items every day for about two weeks. We’ll be discussing this list a bit in the group.

  1. God is always present and active in my life, whether or not I see him.
  2. Coming to recognize and experience God’s presence is learned behavior; I can cultivate it.
  3. My task is to meet God in this moment.
  4. I am always tempted to live “outside” this moment. When I do that, I lose my sense of God’s presence.
  5. Sometimes God seems far away for reasons I do not understand. Those moments, too, are opportunities to learn.

Some events in my life recently have been wounding. It’s good to read about where God is in these times. I like to know that He is “closer than I think…”