• My path to experiencing God’s presence will not look quite like anyone else’s.
  • Straining and trying too hard do not help.

Just a little note I wanted to mention about the first truth listed here. John Ortberg devotes an entire chapter to what he and some others term Spiritual Pathways. At first, I was wary of the phrase, but once I began reading the chapter intro, I was sold. Ortberg states that

all too often we fail to realize that our individual uniqueness means we will all experience God’s presence and learn to relate to Him in different ways, in ways that correspond to the wiring patterns He Himself created in us. Frequently in churches we give people a “one-size-fits-all” approach to spiritual growth, like a doctor who prescribes the same medicine for every ailment…
Ortberg, page 121

He mentions several different Spiritual Pathways, which I will list here. I will not describe each one in detail, but I think we should go over these pathways at some point in the community group…it’s good to find out where you really are. Think of it as a “relating to God” personality-type test.

Intellectual–needs mental stimulation
Relational–stimulation from relationships with other people
Serving–feels closest to God when serving
Worship–closest to God when in the midst of worship
Activist–“Zeal for the house of the Lord has consumed me!”
Contemplative–many of the mystics would fall into this category
Creation–feels closest to God when surrounded by nature