Note: this entry is cut and pasted from our other blog Coffee Klatch. So, if by some chance you are reading both blogs, sorry for the crossover, I just wanted to say the same thing in both places!
Now I’ve gone and done it. I am reading a book that could change everything. No, it’s not the Bible. That might be too revolutionary for me. James and I just started reading The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. It’s all about Shane’s search for Jesus and a true Christian. I just began chapter four and I have laughed and cried. He has lived with lepers in India and welfare families in Philadelphia. If you check the Spiritual Pathways from yesterday’s post, you will see that Shane is an activist. More on this book as we read and digest it.

Check out the webpage for The Simple Way…this is the organization of which Shane is a part. Visit the page. Lots of great stuff. Learn something new while you’re there.

More later, I’m off to plead with James for that grey water system!