Well, I finished reading God is Closer Than You Think this evening. James had some appointments, so I had several hours of uninterrupted reading time. Of course, when he came home I had to read almost the entire last chapter to him. John Ortberg wrote some things that really spun my view of God and His kingdom around a bit. He states that Jesus did not come down to Earth to give us the key to getting into Heaven. Sure, forgiveness and salvation are a part of why He came but nowhere does Jesus say that was His main goal. Jesus came so that God would be with us. He is called Immanuel for a reason. The kingdom of God came into our “backyard.” As John Ortberg says in the final chapter, Jesus came through the hedge and now lives in our backyard. What is the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples? Did He teach them to pray, “please take me to Heaven right away”? Not so much. Jesus taught His disciples to pray that God’s kingdom would be seen on this Earth, in our backyard. Hmmm.

As I told all this to James, his eyes lit up and he said “That’s exactly what I’m reading in The Irresistible Revolution!” Hmmm…maybe it’s something in the water?

For now, I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet some people yesterday at the Community Group fair. Too often, I fall into the “don’t call me, I’ll just send you an email” trap. So, to actually see faces and hear voices reminds me of how much I love meeting new people. If I wasn’t able to meet you and you are interested in participating in Coffee Klatch, please email me or comment on this blog and we’ll get you plugged in. As well, if you’re not interested in our group but are looking for a good group to which you can belong, we’ll be more than happy to help you find your spot.

FYI, some corporations and other groups have declared Friday a no e-mail zone. How’s that for revolutionary? Just kidding. But, I think I do need to declare one day a week internet free for me…