Well, yesterday morning dawned bright and fair. Err, it was rainy but the morning dawned just the same. I went through my usual routine of scanning the gardens for new caterpillars and seedlings and then retired to the library to check up on email. Actually, let me digress. I was awakened about 6:30 AM by a ginormous clap of thunder. The dogs were quite perturbed–even to the point of jumping up onto my side of the bed, which never happens. Seems the girls wanted to go outside and run around so after I came inside, I left them in the yard to play.

While checking my email, I heard a noise like an unbalanced washing machine. For those of you who have ever heard the sound, it’s quite loud and persistent. I wasn’t doing laundry, so I was puzzled as to the origin of the sound. I sprang from my desk seat, searching for the noise. Then, I realized someone was banging on our front door. Yep, the unbalanced washing machine noise was in fact someone knocking. It was our neighbor. I jerked the door open to a neighbor who appeared to have been weeping for a few minutes and looked slightly angry.

Turns out, the girls had flipped the latch on our gate and were hightailing it down the road. And the neighbor? Was she crying? Well, no. Turns out she just looks like that in the morning. Dodi and Ariel (the dogs) came right back in the yard (not having any pressing engagements) while our neighbor proceeded to tell me about another tornado headed our way. The skies were awfully black so I woke James and we secured the dogs. Result? No tornado…thank God.

Our neighbor had frightened me so badly that I was shaking almost violently. I had no idea that a loud knocking on the door very early in the morning would be so disturbing. I hope it never happens again!

On a completely different note: here is a shot of my most recent shoes. They make me a good four inches taller!