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Come again? Interesti-what? The first time James and I saw this ingredient on a package of crackers, we giggled, looked at each other askance and quickly replaced the item on the grocery shelf. Nothing goin’ in my buggy I can barely pronounce–let alone have never heard before!

I finally researched the term and it is the “all-new” hydrogenation of oils (in a nutshell). Since trans-fats are no longer allowed in packaged foods, manufacturers had to find a new method of making oils shelf-stable. I can’t go into all the details…’cause I don’t understand them all. Here are a few links I found while researching:

Stop Trans-Fat

From Leading Edge Nutrition


The new “interestified fat” set to replace trans fats in USA is just more of the same really, as it depresses insulin whilst raising blood sugar and tends to lower the “good” HDL cholesterol just like hydrogenated fat does. Not a healthy fat at all – it is in fact a modified fat which includes hydrogenation in the manufacturing process – and as such, this fat may be worse.

Trans-Fat alternative may raise blood sugar…see article here

And the moral? Read your labels, kids!