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For those of you who may have sinus issues, be sure to hie yourself to the nearest natural foods store or pharmacy and get a neti pot. Every time I mention this little lifesaver, someone is sure never to have heard of such a thing. It works like a charm to keep my sinus passages clear during allergy season here in Florida. Did I mention I never dealt with allergies in Louisiana and Texas? Almost the minute I moved to Florida, I developed a sinus headache and didn’t know what it was for weeks!

The neti pot works by irrigating the sinus canal, keeping any allergens washed away. Sure, the pot is shaped kinda funny and you look even funnier using it–but I am all for efficiency!

Dissolve about one teaspoon of table salt in a cup of very warm water. Add a pinch of baking powder to the mixture. When the liquid is the right temperature (depending on your own preference), gently place the tip of the pot into one nostril and lean your head to the side while slowly pouring the saline solution. Did I say this was easy? It really takes some time to do this procedure correctly but it’s the most effective and natural solution I have found!