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What a neat website. Something tells me I read about this place a while back, maybe over at Stephanie’s place? Not sure, but I was super happy to check out wize.com tonight. This website is full of product reviews from regular buyers like me. Even better, wize.com also has a panel of experts to write reviews. As I browsed some of the categories wize has to offer, I was amused to see that sometimes the users and the professionals disagreed on their verdicts. What are some of the categories Wize has to offer? The products reviewed range from manual SLR lenses to curling irons. What a great variety of opinions and ratings! Each item has its own Wize number (ranked from 0-100: 100 being the best) that makes for greater ease in finding a product to suit one’s needs.

On further browsing, I was impressed to see two friendly looking folks sporting their life history. Wize actually has a leadership page, complete with bios for the founders and the board of directors. I love transparency in a corporation! More page clicking and I found what the media and other bloggers have to say about Wize. On the pressroom page, I found an embedded video of an interview with Tom Patterson (CEO of Wize). The interviewer referred to Wize as a “consumer reports site on steroids.” Patterson then went on to explain in full that Wize is a website that offers product reviews that are beneficial to the consumer in making buying decisions.

My favorite part about Wize? The pretty pictures. No, honest! Although Wize does offer great product reviews, I also like it for its look. Wize is a nice, eye-friendly website (mostly blues and whites) with lots of clean lines and no loud advertising or flashy colors. I like simple and efficient. I also like workable. Looks like I found a good thing.