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When most folks enter our home, one of the things they notice is that we don’t have a television. We are finding that our lack of a television is less and less of a novel thing in our circle of friends. More people make the choice not to own a television, citing lack of time, interest and good programming. For James and myself, we don’t want to give ourselves over to the entertainment that comes through the screen. Besides, if there is something we really want to see (Dancing With the Stars), we can very easily pull it up on youtube.

So, it came as a huge surprise to me when I was tooling around on Wize the other day, to see the prices for which flat panel televisions are selling. What? I was hoping to buy a car for the price of a top-ranked flat screen tv. Granted, the screen picture looks beautiful, but I’m probably not the most qualified to write one of those flat panel TV reviews that you can find on Wize.

Actually, I find the price range of these TV screens fairly interesting. On the first page of the flat panel TV reviews, the ranking goes from 96 (100 being the highest) to 90. To my mind, anything in the top 10 percent must be fairly good. The top ranked screen sells for about $1000 while dropping 6 points in the flat panel TV reviews gets you an almost $600 savings! If I were in the market for one of these screens, I would really appreciate knowing this information. Chalk another one up for a great consumer review site.