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There’s a quote in one of the Little House Books where Pa looks at Laura and says: “The rich man gets his ice in the winter, but the poor man gets his in the summer.” It’s kind of odd these days to think of not having ice on demand (especially here in the South), but that’s how folks lived for years. In fact, I would venture to say, only in the last eighty or so years have a majority of the people had ice or refrigeration on demand.

Why the rumination on ice? Well, I was looking over Wize’s list of dehumidifiers and was astounded to see what prices run on these little buddies. The average price on these units is about $200: with the low being $22 and the high being over $300. I thought it rather amusing that several of the $200-$300 dehumidifiers ranked below the $22 unit. Just another reason Wize is such a useful site, I never would have known such an inexpensive unit existed! Granted, I don’t think I’m going to be buying one of these little contraptions anytime soon, but some people will be glad to know they’re around.

So, what does Laura Ingall’s ice in cold weather have to do with these dehumidifiers? You knew I could link all this together, right? Well, here in Pensacola, we have a little problem with humidity. I once had a friend from Michigan state say that she figured southern girls had such beautiful skin because of the high humidity in our region. I’m not sure about that, but I do know that these days my skin has taken on the texture of dry paper. I can’t drink enough water to rehydrate myself. Humidity is down to roughly 30% and I’m shriveling away to sawdust people! Can’t I get some kind of happy medium here?