After two days of running at high speed (the weekends are busy times for us at BrightHaven), the little ElfGirl seems to be winding down. Who knew that three-year olds need more than five hours of sleep at night? Allright, allright, no throwing of stones or calling child protective services. I read your blogs too, you know!

So, anyway, she had the sniffles earlier this evening, accompanied by unbidden tears, fever and coughing. I was concerned and we had to postpone our trip to night service. She was miserable. Eventually, I realized as I was praying for her that she was mostly just sad–but sad ElfGirl is almost as miserable as sick ElfGirl!

At one point, I was holding her in my arms and rubbing her back when it occurred to me how grateful I am for every second we can spend with her. When Marshall died, I regretted the chances we won’t have to kiss her and hold her and ride bikes with her. Some days, the list just seems endless! Each opportunity with ElfGirl is a moment that I greatly appreciate. Our family and friends are so precious. It’s so hard sometimes to really just be in the moment–not thinking about 10 minutes ago or ten minutes from now or what else should be done.

Sometimes, the most important thing I can do is hold an ElfGirl and rub her back.