No, I’m not frustrated. I was looking at my feedburner stats and saw that someone typed in “dull ache of frustration” as a google search topic. I am number one on the page, thank you very much! I have found odd search terms in the past, but this one takes the proverbial cake.

Scribbit did a Thursday 13 once on search terms that led people to her blog. I’ll do one today as well.

  1. “t”–what does this mean? Why is someone looking for “t?” And, why does my blog come up in their search?
  2. kidman movie is atheist“–around thirty or so searches leading to my blog, based on the snopes article I cut and pasted–that post got me a lot of traffic!
  3. sweet lolita“–this is a two-edged sword kind of thing. After I posted about the Sweet Lolitas in Japan, I got a lot of odd hits…
  4. dodge magnum“–my little brother was in a horrific wreck in his dodge magnum almost exactly one year ago
  5. vintage cocktail rings“–maybe I should get those rings posted in my etsy shop!
  6. pink atlas sewing machine“–have you ever seen one of these?
  7. make it from scratch“–blog carnival that I not so consistently enter
  8. wize
  9. flat panel tv reviews“–I should get paid extra for the number of hits on that one!
  10. scented trivets
  11. ***almost finished….this isn’t as fun as I thought it would be! and, I still have to go back and add all the hyperlinks!****
  12. how to save seeds“–that’s kind of a generic search but I get plenty of them due to my short lived gardening tip series.
  13. ummmm….massage??