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I find it rather amusing to write a post featuring dishwasher reviews when I have not used my own dishwasher in over a year. I believe the usefulness of our dishwasher took a sharp nosedive when we discovered three inches of water standing in the bottom of it. And James took it apart. To quote June Carter: “I b’lieve that’s when you broke it…” But seriously, folks don’t usually come around to me looking for dishwasher reviews. That’s why there are people like the ones over at Wize.

Those folks know what they’re talking about. If someone wants to plunk down (do you like that word: plunk?) almost a thousand dollars on a device to make their dishwashing experience more enjoyable then I most heartily recommend visiting the dishwasher reviews on Wize. In fact, these reviews might make aforesaid person do a triple-take before plunking down said money. When the highest ranking (only a 93) goes to a machine costing $980 then it’s time to do some serious soul-searching. Do we really need this machine? Will a used one work as well? How about hand-washing? Can I do that while I save the money for a dishwasher?

Whatever the final decision, do your homework first. Don’t be left high and dry. Check out the dishwasher reviews. It’s the Wize choice…