I won’t make a long post because the computer is in the coldest room of the house. The sun is shining brightly and I’m sure all you northern folks would think today is quite balmy. For us, we’re absolutely freezing! The little birds are having a great time at the bird feeder but the rest of us are shivering.

We left for a few days and turned off the pilot light on the gas water heater. No one can get out here to turn it on until Tomorrow!! which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal. That does mean no hot water, in case you’re wondering. We’ve been heating water on the stove which really is sufficient. I’m just not accustomed to being cold and I hate to think the ElfGirl might be chilly. James has been working almost nonstop on getting the ancient water heater fixed. We should be able to have hot baths soon. Yay!!

I would love to add some photos from our trip to Louisiana but the camera is in the car and I’m not ready to go back outside yet!! Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday.