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I find the search terms that lead to my blog relatively amusing. If you normally read here, then you have seen my list of random search terms. One of the top search terms is still “pink atlas sewing machine.” Atlas sewing machine, one day you will be mine!!

Since yesterday’s post about the Daniel fast, at least two folks have found their way to my blog looking for information on tortilla chips and Daniel fasting. Yes, I know that’s not a huge crowd, just thought it peculiar… It would have been interesting enough if they were looking for corn tortilla chips. No, they were specifically looking for info on those topics together!

So, to any of you who are here looking for info on eating tortilla chips while you are on a Daniel fast, let me give you some advice you may be seeking. Unless you have made the tortilla chips yourself–baked, not fried–you shouldn’t be eating them!

Good night all.