For about a month now, I have been brushing my teeth with soap. Sounds kind of gross, right. Don’t worry, it is. However, as I read on one of the forums, you get used to it! Who wants to grow accustomed to brushing their teeth with soap? What a great question! I have been having issues with my back teeth for a couple of years now. I think one is chipped but can’t decide to go the all natural route or try to find a regular dentist I can trust. I had a dentist in Pensacola for about two years. Faithfully, I went in for teeth cleaning and periodic check-ups. The problem? Well, the hygienist who worked on my teeth (every time, I might add) was brutal–and she talked nonstop for the entire hour (hour!!) that she cleaned my teeth. In my opinion, she was a little batty. Maybe not.

Anyway, I was looking for soap on Etsy one day and found this seller selling tooth chips. Looks interesting. So, I tried it with some all-natural soap that I own. I like it. My teeth are super clean feeling and very shiny. I’m not sure why they’re so shiny, but so it goes. Take a look at her shop and read the product description. You may be convinced as well.

By the way, this is actually an unpaid endorsement. But, if someone wants to send me some of these great tooth chips in exchange for product review–go right ahead!!

**photo credit: roseofsharonacres