One of the gifts I requested for Christmas was a yoga DVD. I love the stretching in yoga and really need the increased flexibility. I realize that some folks think yoga should not be practiced without the spiritual aspect and others think it can’t be practiced without the spirituality, the argument is neither here nor there for me. I like to stretch to nice, soothing music.

I also like to laugh.

The DVD my family gave to me has an AM and PM yoga workout. I really enjoyed the AM workout and convinced James to try the PM workout with me. Well, as the yoga instructor was helping us relax, she said one of the funniest, most absurd things I have ever heard. I really think her editor was not quite on the ball with this bit.

Lie on your back. Surrender to the earth. Feel your brain begin to soften…

I’d like to keep it at its present consistency. Thank you very much.