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Has anyone used these? I just found them at Big Lots and the press seems promising. Flushaway pads are proclaimed to be so eco-friendly that you can “Flush it and forget it…” Supposedly, they biodegrade within 28 days and won’t harm sewage systems.

Sorry to anyone whose delicate sensibilities may be bothered by this post. I did try to make it discreet…

ETA January 2, 2010–I see that this post has been getting some traffic recently and I never did tell what I thought of this product.  Let me say in the most delicate way possible–they were all the box said they would be!  If you don’t use the Diva Cup or some type of reusable cloth feminine supplies, I would suggest these unreservedly.  One caveat: I do have a light flow so they may not work as well for someone with a heavier flow.