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With a hat tip to Stephanie, here is my contribution to Thursday 13. She had such a great idea, thought I would follow suit…

Thirteen things in my pantry (or refrigerator) that I consider staples:

  1. Coffee–sad, isn’t it?
  2. Pasta shells–I add those little things in all kinds of dishes. And, if I’m really desperate, I eat ’em plain with butter!
  3. Tomato sauce. Nothing better than macaroni and tomato sauce. It’s a childhood dish and good for what ails you. Add bacon grease, garlic, crushed black pepper, oregano, the options are endless…
  4. Beans: canned or dried–canned are good for a quick vegetarian chili.
  5. Canned tomatoes–it’s a sad day when we’re out of these. What can I possibly make for dinner??
  6. Rice–I’m from Louisiana folks, and a meal is barely a meal without rice.
  7. Flour–that’s a given, right? Make flatbread, chapatis, muffins, cookies, tortillas…
  8. Coffee creamer–always a good reason for running to the store.
  9. Soymilk–I have even used it to make milk gravy. You grow accustomed to the sweeter taste.
  10. Cheddar cheese–the sharper the better
  11. Sweeteners: honey, molasses and brown sugar are all-purpose. I love to dip hot buttermilk biscuits into molasses mixed with butter.
  12. Butter–while we’re talking about it. Someone eats too much of it around here!
  13. Fresh veggies. I always buy mine at Save-A-Lot: great value for a tiny price. Right now, bell peppers (red and green) are two for 99 cents. Avocados are 79 cents a piece.

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