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Today, the ever lovely ElfGirl walked around the house muttering: “all this dog hair…” Of course yesterday (and part of today), she exclaimed “bias tape…grrr!” for no apparent reason at all. She’s a regular tape recorder, I tell you. So, what was the problem? We have four dogs and with the night time temps being what they have been, our oldest dog has been spending the night in the proverbial lap of luxury. He’s really a great dog. Tolerant of the ElfGirl’s constant poking and playing. She even fell on top of him with no ill effects. Yet, he sheds enough Red Heeler hair to fill an entire canister vacuum.

Samuel was a fixed resident of the little white house–until James heard me shriek about the copious amounts of dog hair one too many times. At that, the canine was back outside…to dig holes in my roses and garlic at will. Not one bit happy about that, I tell you. You see, since the swiffer died, I must sweep every tiny bit of dog hair from our wooden floors. I am convinced that if I had a freaky looking canister vacuum like the above picture from wize.com, all my problems could be solved.

But then again, do I really want one of these things? I’m not a fan of noise…buzzing, repetitive noise as one normally hears from a canister vacuum. Oddly enough, the model above gets a 96 ranking from wize.com although the three reviewers give it thumbs down for power. One person does say it is quiet but even I would sacrifice peace and quiet for some power to suck up the relentless dog hair!

Then again, the alternative is to train ElfGirl in the fine arts of hair removal. From the floor, of course…