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Last night, as James and I were talking to a friend at Barnes and Noble, another gentleman entered into our conversation. Somehow, we began discussing conservation techniques and environmental protection. Almost immediately, the man began to trash conservative policies and ideologies. Now, I wouldn’t say James and I are staunch conservatives. We’re pretty much on the libertarian side of the fence. However, we are soundly against polarizing turns of speech. As James and I discussed later, with about 50% of the population calling itself conservative, any environmentalist who immediately bashes the beliefs of this population loses half of his or her support–off the top!

As the gentleman continued to speak of organic gardening, grey water tanks and rainwater collecting (all subjects on which we are passionate), I ruminated on the possibility of speaking up for conservatives everywhere. After all, winning one person as a friend is better than maintaining the peace, right? When Mr. L paused in his conversation, I respectfully submitted the idea that not all conservatives are wasteful and/or ignorant of the current crises in our environment/earth (and no, I’m not talking–nor will I talk about global warming). In fact, several Christian groups are leading the way in environmental stewardship. To which he replied, Christians have to realize that stewardship is about more than money, it’s about also stewarding the earth. Well, yeah.

I’m not saying that I was on a conversion mission, but I like for people to be informed. I think that because of our clothing style, James’ hair, our simple way of living, or what have you, James and I are often painted with a wide, liberal and anti-Christian brush. I like knowing that God created us to be passionately concerned about His earth, His people, His plans and still totally in love with Him.

So, Mr. and Mrs. L left with the promise to email us some plans for a grey water system and the possibility of a tank to begin it all. We left friends and partners, in a sense. That’s what I call a successful conversation…