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I have a fairly extensive vocabulary. Granted, I don’t employ it nearly enough; at least I know what odd words mean. Perhaps my large vocabulary can be attributed to my voracious reading habit. I think so. However, there are some words that have just never made it into everyday speaking–for one reason or another. Here, for you, are thirteen of those words:

  1. pulchritudinousHer pulchritudinous face always leaves me breathless. Yes, pulchritude means physical beauty or comeliness. Not in everyday speech.
  2. viandsThe viands you have prepared for our enjoyment are quite delectable. Just a fancy way to say: Hey, dinner tastes great!
  3. dab–Didn’t expect this word after the previous two, did you? The word dab makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I loathe this word.
  4. mulatto–I never could figure out how to say this word. I have always heard it pronounced: muh-la-duh. When I finally saw the word in print, I was at a loss as to its pronunciation.
  5. chat–I dunno. I just don’t like it.
  6. nix–Can you see a trend? I’m not fond of slang-y words.
  7. Mucus–I would rather say snot.
  8. Tomfoolery–I like this word. I really do. However, it has never made its way into my everyday speech.
  9. Fortitude–another great word. Sometimes I say it in my head, but usually not in my conversation
  10. Fortuitous, gratuitous and propitious–I love these words. I like how they sound and what they mean: lucky (happening by chance), extra, indicative of favor
  11. AuspiciousI recently devoured the book Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord. I highly recommend it. The word auspicious (attended by favorable circumstances) was fairly prevalent in this book. Go figure.
  12. Prevail–I must prevail over this list. Will not succumb to the pressure of procrastination!
  13. Ramifications–The ramifications of not finishing this project can now be forgotten. Consider it done. Okay, so maybe I say this word sometimes. Here’s one I never use: truss. I have been hearing a lot of it in staff meetings. I should make a note of how many times it is said in the course of two hours.

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