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Instant hero!, originally uploaded by bekados.

Okay, so perhaps this entry is not quite as made from scratch as other tries. However, anyone who wants to be an instant hero and/or saint in the eyes of a 3 year old should try revamping a pair of too-short jeans. As the elfgirl stood by the sewing machine, her beautiful eyes grew larger and larger as she watched me transform her jeans into cutie-pie capris. When I walked in with her new purse made from the cut-off jean portion, I was instantly canonized. Nothing is more rewarding to me than a sweet girl who is eager to try what has just been fashioned for her.

The idea to rework her jeans came when she was fingering the fringe on my Sparkler leggings. I knew she would love just such an outfit and so I went right to work. Time spent? Probably less than 15 minutes. I’ve never sewn denim before so that part was a bit of a challenge.

Though my entry won’t be in this week’s edition (timing and all), be sure to check out the 52nd edition of Made It From Scratch over at Not the Plan. I’m off to discover how to make paper beads! I got sidetracked learning how to make vanilla extract from scratch over at Chickens in the Road…check it out!