I know, I’m going to burn myself out on posting at this rate. But, that’s me: all or nothing-girl. I wanted to get this post in about Simmons’ Plant Farm before I forget too much.

I placed an order with Simmons’ last Monday (Feb 11th) and then proceeded to bug them for two days to make sure they received my order. I even placed a call to them–very friendly folks over there, I must say. Well, after a week of me haunting my front yard, the plants arrived yesterday. I was so excited! They arrived in a big brown truck and were delivered by a super friendly young man who must have thought I was a bit touched by the way I came racing around the side of the house. When he handed me the box, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in the contents. It was heavy: only $8.00 to ship the entire order!

And what was inside?

  • 50 asparagus crowns
  • 50 strawberry crowns
  • 2 blueberry bushes
  • 6 rhubarb clumps (BIG)
  • 3 horseradish stick thingies…I’m guessing I just plant them??

I will definitely be doing business with these folks again. Thanks for the great buying experience and the excellent plants. I planted today in the rain…

And, if you’re looking to do any seed ordering, I cannot recommend Bountiful Gardens highly enough. I placed an order for tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, sorghum, sage, basil, cotton and pyrethrum seeds last night. $22.00 including shipping. These seeds are all open-pollinated and they sell several heirloom varieties. Great, great, great!