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You all are such an encouragement and a blessing. Thank you for your kind emails, comments and prayers. I always appreciate hearing from my blogger friends. Now, for the even better news:

MawMaw is doing wonderfully! Here’s what happened: her blood pressure dropped to an indiscernable level, she stopped breathing and no heartbeat could be found. My aunt and uncle were with her at the time. At some point, she was revived. This is where the story begins to get hazy: my parents received a phone call that she was passed away. My mother did not handle it well at all. My sister called me in Florida to let us know. We immediately began making arrangements to leave the next day, informing my sister that we would be on our way as soon as possible.

At 3 p.m., we received another call from my sister. Ummm…MawMaw’s not dead. Good news but a little mind-bending, right? We continued with our plans to head to Louisiana anyway. When we got to the hospital, the only one expecting us was MawMaw. No one else got the message that we were coming and they all thought she was delusional. Gee.

But, she was sitting up eating and talking and so seems to be doing much better. I’m so very happy to have such good news to report. Thanks again.