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If you’ve been keeping count, I am now two books behind to be mailed out. It’s really quite sad, considering the terrific start I had with the first week of the book-away. I shipped out that book lickety-split! I felt so confident. Then, I forgot to contact the second week’s book winner. Then, we never drew a name for the third week. The fourth week, we spent in Louisiana. And the fifth week, well–time does fly, doesn’t it??

As for the third week’s winner: Joanna, if you will contact me with your address, I will get your gardening book in the mail to you. Yay! Another book gone…I mean given away

For this week, we have another great book to be given away. It’s one I had high hopes for but has gone unused in our household. Please sign up for the book by leaving a comment sometime this week telling me you would like it!