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I have been a bit negligent in introducing a new blogger in the blogosphere. Although Our Friend Ben has only recently started her blog, Poor Richard’s Almanac, she is in no way new to the world of writing. In fact, we should all tremble just knowing that folks with her expertise are hanging around…Just kidding there folks. OFB is one of the best readers you can have in this here ‘sphere. She leaves great comments and writes blogs that are highly informative and (very importantly) entertaining.

So why the introduction? Well, OFB has been keeping a secret of sorts. If you’ll check this past Saturday’s Book-Away (and you should check it so you can get entered for the drawing), you will see the first comment is from OFB. She says that she is automatically unqualified for this drawing because…duh da duh…she’s the editor!! And, she doesn’t need another copy. So, I searched the book (they really hid your name. I’d be asking them about that…) and there she was…

I do get excited about what I consider my brushes with fame. It’s like when Sandy or Antique Mommy email me or comment on my blog. Wow. I get all giddy and grin a lot. It makes me feel special. So, there you have it folks. Some day, you want to make me feel special, comment on my blog. I love it.