Well, gentle readers, I have spent the last month being more sick than I care to confess or remember. I, the one who is never sick, have been reduced to immobility, sneezing, nose blowing and ear stoppage for weeks straight. I’m sure by now that it is a sinus infection. Forgive me if you are reading and I have ever blithely suggested you rid yourself of a sinus infection by using the neti pot. Folks, it doesn’t work. Perhaps the neti pot will help keep infections away, but it won’t get rid of them!

Because I have been feeling so poorly (and one of James’ clients sent it home with him), we used the ionic foot cleanse last night. What an interesting contraption! First off, the water has to be at just the right pH level, which proved to be a trifle difficult. A cuff with a small metal piece is worn around the wrist. The machine measures the pH level of the water and emits a piercing whistle when the pH is too high. Then, the little unit proceeds to send some kind of electrical current through your body, thereby flushing you of all kinds of toxins. Hmmm…that’s strange…

Let me just say that I love trying these alternative remedies. I don’t go to the doctor, so I must find different ways to help problems. I’m a firm believer that proper nutrition and exercise will cure most bodily ills, so always try to remedy personal sickness with natural interventions. One thing I do usually like to do is research these treatments before plunging in feet first, literally. I didn’t do a very thorough job of reading up on this foot cleanse thing-y so I looked at it some more this morning.

I found a great website with a thorough explanation of the procedure and also, several contraindications that we should have read through first.

Persons with a pacemaker
During pregnancy or breastfeeding
Persons with organ implants
persons with epilepsy
Persons undergoing radation or chemotherapy
Persons with type 1 diabetes
Persons with open wounds on the feet
Persons on blood thinning medication

The actual feeling? Well, the current was kind of uncomfortable and prickly. The feeling was the same one I get when my feet are really tired and cramped and I can’t stretch them enough. Anyone know what I’m talking about? This feeling subsided after a while and my feet began to feel better. It was also a good soak for these Birkenstock gardening feet–dirty!! As for the toxins: the water turned an icky orange with black flecks but from the pictures I’ve seen online, most folks’ water turns that color. So, I’m not convinced anything is really happening until I see someone with different colored water!

Do any of you have any experience with this method? I would love to hear your opinions on this. And, of course, I’ll leave you with a picture.