I have the vintage linen/doily collection to rival most other collections. They are beautiful. If vintage linens are to be found at a garage/estate sale or thrift store, I will find them. One day, I bought a box FULL of linens and doilies for five dollars. I didn’t even glance at them. Boy howdy, were they beauties.
However, the time has come for these beauties to put off their slumbering and prove themselves useful.
I have pondered their usefulness for some time now. A few of the plainer ones have already been pressed into usefulness in our kitchen. Some of them are lovingly displayed around our home. And…a couple of days ago…I finally found the use for them that I’ve been longing for: dryer sachets!


I cut, sewed and stuffed these lovelies with organic lavender and dried roses from our own garden. Little ElfGirl just about sniffed all of the smell out of them, I believe. They’re that wonderful.
More photos of our lovely Ruby Red roses. I can’t get enough of this rose bush. You all wouldn’t believe the sheer volume of roses on it. The woman who gave it to us called it a Seven Sisters, but it doesn’t appear to be a SS. So, it’s named Ruby Red in honor of her.