By MICHELLE ROBERTS, Associated Press Writer

SAN ANGELO, Texas – More than 400 children taken from a ranch run by a polygamous sect will stay in state custody and be subject to genetic testing, a judge ruled Friday. State District Judge Barbara Walther heard 21 hours of testimony over two days before ruling that the children be kept by the state. Individual hearings will be set for the children over the next several weeks.

Child welfare officials say they’ve had difficulty determining how the children and adults are related because of evasive or changing answers…

Does anyone else think it’s kind of scary that the State has done this? Sure, I’m not all about polygamy and underage marriage (what is of age, anyway?) but I am concerned that several hundred people have had their lives turned upside down by a phone call from a person who cannot be found…

I had friends here in Pensacola who were practicing polygamists. Let me tell you, it rocked my little sheltered world when my friend (the second wife) told me the truth. What do you say? I think it’s mostly: what do you think? Eventually, this family was turned into child authorities and went on the run. By the time they came back, our relations were too strained to be able to resume the friendship.

My point is: it’s weird and is considered immoral/illegal by some standards. But, if your standards aren’t the same as the conventionally recognized one–how can you be judged by the conventional standards? Okay, my real point is: what if something you are I are doing and considering normal goes against a set standard? Will our rights be violated because someone else does not agree with them?