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Remember all those potatoes I planted back in February? Okay, so maybe I never told you about the potatoes. The fact remains, I planted three different types of potatoes back in that month. I wish I could tell you one of the varieties was a blue potato, but I didn’t have it available to me at Pensacola Seed and Garden, so I made do with two reds and one white. Or, was that two whites and one red? See, I don’t know. No one here knows, so why did I bother? I guess that’s just one of the things we gardeners do. Grow things just to see what will happen.

Anyway, with the advent of the first potato harvest, I am feeling a certain largess of spirit. I want to give away potatoes to everyone I meet. Wait. Give them away??? Haven’t I been trying to start a farmer’s market around here for the last three years? What gives? Maybe it’s just something about the concept of being able to grow my own food that has my generosity kicking in. Whatever the case may be, I’m about to knock down my unsuspecting neighbor’s door and rain some potato bounty down upon him. Wish you all were closer…